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Nannar’s start on this planet appealed into the Earthlings. Nannar also had a prepare to regulate the Earthlings with trade and credit rating instead of arms.

“A young one particular to him Enki named, a tree fruit she offered him. Enki bent down, the young just one he embraced, on her lips he kissed her.

These stone circles capacitated sonar Electricity. Nibirans as well as their tailored worker-slaves laid channels of stone that related the many stone circles in south Africa. They established iron-loaded, magnetically-billed granite rocks on either side with the channels Among the many stone circles. The linked, constant stone channels spread in a never-ending World-wide-web of 500 million stones in excess of a 500 kilometer area.

Nibiran overseers directed items and water along the channels with “a levitation machine that tapped to the magnetic material in the stones–the identical way fashionable trains float above electromagnetic tracks. The levitation unit helped them elevate stones heavier than ten tons.

At the appropriate time, seize the missiles and prevail more than all rivals. Together with the weapons your freedom obtain

Nannar made a few of Adapa’s descendants clergymen. The priests led rituals for the Earthlings and taught them to assistance, obey and worship Nannar and one other Anunnaki as gods.

Our Sumerian ancestors didn’t visualize gods who made them literate and instructed them what to jot down. Instead of make up gods, Sumerians noticed, read and bred with Anunnaki as incredibly tall, extensive-lived people. Sumerians watched the giants run equipment and computers; they observed them hearth weapons of mass destruction. They noticed Anunnaki with small equipment, MEs, overpower other Anunnaki. Sumerians saw Anunnaki talk into units and heard voices reply. The Anunnaki said the voices arrived from spacecraft beyond sight as well as moon, southern Africa, the Andes and also the Indus Valley, and from obvious view it rockets, shuttlecraft, orbiting stations and planes. Sumerians tagged Anunnaki aircraft, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and computer systems with their own individual words and phrases and terms the gods taught them.

Solomon constructed Enlil-Yahweh’s first long lasting temple on enormous stones–much too weighty to maneuver and match in place without Anunnaki engineering (so we know that’s how the stones were moved) in 957 BCE.

“C– I then experienced my life infiltrated with black-ops agents; three that I know of. A type of three came into my daily life as a new girlfriend who a number of months into your relationship took a blood sample from me for the duration of a very personal minute, After i confronted her, she fessed [confessed] up & explained to me anything.

’” In his intellect the continue to be on the Anunnaki on this planet was nearing an conclusion and he prefer to wipe out all everyday living before they departed for Nibiru. “Almost nothing grew and winds, warmth and drought haunted them. Tremors and quakes grew to become regular activities.”

What This is often about – for you and for all of the observers interested in your trek – is exactly what’s involving your ears As well as in that anxious procedure of yours fed because of the blood Some others want. And what you're missing is systematically practical description facts – about it, about your self, about your descent, regarding your individual biology, with regards to the faculties you have experienced that have led you to definitely panic and after that to new realizations.

Skirmishes as well as chance of harmful war grew among Enki’s and Enlil’s lineages. Then their darlings chose to marry. Enkiite and Enlilite elders our website hoped that if Dumuzi wed Inanna, lethal rivalry amongst their lineages would end.

A number of Cuzco’s megalithic stones were melted with extra oxygen in temperatures more than 1,a hundred levels. This glazed their silicate surfaces, so the “surfaces even when irregular, really feel clean to the touch.” The builders place Each and every recently put but still sizzling stone close to stones previously interesting and hardened prior-put jigsaw polygonal blocks.

Enki, drunk and in sexual heat with Inanna, gave her Laptop gadgets (MEs) he later on regretted but couldn’t get back again. These equipment, such as the Exalted Tiara, the Exalted Scepter and Personnel, the Exalted Shrine, set in jewels and and crystals and affixed to her clothing, a scepter or shrine, could “emit and Handle a force area,” or a ME sewn into her clothing “could emit a luminous industry” that created her “seem clothed in radiance” and let her proclaim herself queen, “clothed in radiance.

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